Inner Beauty = Outer Radiance

This morning, after a few hours of computer work, I chose to spend time in the Hot-tub. It is outside, facing a large acreage, surrounded by horse pastures and a grove of trees. And I knew it was the perfect way to both warm me and massage my shoulders which were tight from sitting and typing for a longer stretch than I usually take.

And although I spent a short time with the jets relaxing my shoulders, I quickly moved to a spot in the tub that focussed the jets on on my energetic ‘Power Body’, the area along my low to mid spine. I affectionately name the Chakra’s located there in my core “I am”, “I feel”, and “I decide”.

As I appreciated the beauty of this place, and took in full, deep breaths, I contemplated each energetic space and simply allowed insight and awareness to come to light. I invited any heavy feelings, thoughts, and emotions surrounding these areas to release, using the visualization of the bubbling water to assist me with letting go.  This created space for new noticings to come to light.  Feeling into my body the freshness, newness and expansiveness of these insights, lessons, and inspiration.

I feel renewed and rejeuvenated, and so excited for the day ahead. I will be meeting with a few people individually, and also hosting a Music and Meditation gathering tonight, which I am super excited about.

My amazing friend, Joy, provided a reading this morning, explaining it was a “10” day, a day of gratitude and a day of beginnings.

So I pondered this, and came to the awareness that my morning has already reflected this. A single neighbour dog walked along the fence line, step for step with me as I walked to take out the garbage and recycling. I met a new neighbour as we were both ensuring the bins were out. And while in the hottub, a single quail peeked his head out at me in curiosity, moving back to shelter after I greeted him.

I am excited to see what the remainder of the day brings!  I am curious and open, and wishing you the same.

In vibrancy, Laurie.

3 thoughts on “Inner Beauty = Outer Radiance

  1. LaurieFabulous says:

    Thank you for reaching out and asking to share my blogs.
    Yes, I am happy to share my insights and wisdom to whomever it resonates with.
    Wishing you a delightful day. In health and vibrancy, Laurie.

  2. LaurieFabulous says:

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. I agree! Wishing you a delightful day. In vibrancy, Laurie.

  3. LaurieFabulous says:

    Thanks for asking. I have been away for the month of June – and unplugged while I took Yoga Teacher training! I don’t currently use Twitter, but appreciate that you asked. I will be posting soon on this site, since my yoga experience certainly inspired more writing. Enjoy your day!

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