The Gift is in The Exhale

Many of us have been led to believe that we must (or should) take on more responsibility –  at work, at home, through volunteering, you name it.  We find work we love to do (or something we are skilled at), sometimes travelling farther from our home and loved ones, all the while staying connected via a multitude of online tools. Work often consumes both our days and nights – even compromising our weekend. Time with family can become distracted. Eating is done on an ad-hoc schedule, and sometimes in the car on your way to the next meeting.

We are very good at taking on more.  At holding it up; holding it in; holding on.

But this is counter-intuitive.

Would you expect to inhale without first exhaling?  Seriously – try it!. Inhale. More, and more, and more, keep going….. just a little bit longer……  You get the idea. It won’t take long until your lungs and body scream.

Yet, I help people every day who have taken on, taken in – past the point of sustainability – without ever considering also releasing. Whose bodies are screaming – or at least talking strongly.  And while paying radical attention to descipher what our bodies are saying, I will share with you a common thread I have noticed.

The gift is in the Exhale.

Think about it, every baby born must first rid the lungs of fluid before the potential arises to breathe in. It is counter-intuitive to breathe in without first breathing out.

When you are most stressed….. when your body is most tired and sore…. when you would do almost anything for an extra 1/2 hour in your day….. Those are the times you most need to extend to yourself the same tender nurturing care you provide to others.

Let yourself move – in nature, if possible. Take a quick time-out to listen to a song that enlivens you. Let go of something that is not high-priority. Some task or commitment that comes from a place of obligation or expectation instead of a place of love and joy. Some task or obligation you may be surprised to find that that someone else will take with gladness. Immerse yourself in a soothing experience with a practitioner who will nurture you – where all you have to do is ‘be’. However you choose to allow it, take as long as you wish, and Breathe It Out…….

The gift is in the Exhale


This article is featured in January 2017 Sybil Magazine, for the Spirit and Soul of Woman.  Here is the link to the full magazine.

In health and vibrancy, Laurie.

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