See It When I Believe It

Oh, the magic of perception.

I have long seen things from a positive point of view. I see challenges as lessons which always carry gifts for learning. Sometimes after navigating difficult situations or conversations, I envision a diploma has been handed to me. Through the challenge, life has provided yet another opportunity for me to revisit my beliefs and assumptions and to move to a new and powerful space for understanding;  for feeling;  for listening harder than I may ever have before.

Listening to others, but also – and vitally important – listening to our internal guidance which shows up as body messages – sore hips, tight muscles, clenched jaw, stomach rumblings or upset.  Sometimes, we feel heat, other times we clench muscles and constrict. Our breathing shallows or heartrate races, reacting to stimuli that we perceive as a threat.

Some of us wait for something outside of us to serve as proof of validity. “I’ll believe it when I see it” thought patterning. But my truth is that I see it when I first believe it.  When I am in flow.  When I am open to all possibilities and awareness, I then draw to myself experiences that support, or enhance, or even break down the belief.

If I didn’t believe in the power of my heart I would not have stepped into my Hospice volunteering. I would not have embarked upon a journey of a thousand lives as a compassionate healer/teacher.

The experiences I have shared with people are often profound beyond words. Deeply connected on many levels – mental, emotional, and spiritual.  The guidance and messages I receive on behalf of those I serve have often held deep meaning for them and always enrich our experience. All of my senses heighten and are used to inform – smell, words, sounds, colour, taste, intuition, feelings. I completely trust my gifts and calling, and follow the voices of my heart.

Because I see it when I believe it.

As I write this, the clouds are parting on what was forecast to be a rainy, stormy day. Robins are hopping along the grass outside the coffee shop I am in. People are sharing stories, engaged in conversation, or sitting alone, lost in thought.  I often experience  what I call “red carpet days”. Days that feel as if a red carpet has been rolled out in front of me, and I am fully supported in each graceful, easy step to a wonderful celebration. I am curious about who I will meet today, and what we will learn from each other. I smile in anticipation. I know I will experience a meaningful exchange with someone today.  Because I believe it.

In health and vibrancy, Laurie.

One thought on “See It When I Believe It

  1. Shirley Buchanan says:

    Love the “red carpet days”. I, too, love those wonderful, often unexpected exchanges. Within what appears to be a chaotic environment, there are oh SO many who live thoughtful lives and willingly share. Life is good – truly!

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