Written by Laurie Bartley, Vibrational Catalyst – integrating Yoga, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, spirit, nutrition, and mindfulness for a fuller, vibrant life.

I attended a publishing/writing retreat in April to provide me with guidance and inspiration on the important steps to take when bringing the words in my heart to the world in the form of a book (or book series, to be more precise). It was at a beautiful oceanside resort on Vancouver Island, BC. The first day, we were given 3 minutes to free-flow write, prompted only by cards on the table with one single word on each.  The instructions were, “select your word and then write”. Here is what flowed in that time. And how these 3 simple minutes made a difference for someone else. I hope you enjoy it, and also find inspiration.


Savour life

Take chances

Speak your heart.

Live with abandon

Climb mountains



Inhale deeply

Honour life.

Touch the Earth; Touch the sky.

Remember your power

Trust your Inner guidance

Explore yourself – all of yourself.

Give yourself permission to discover, to learn, to lead;

To help others forward with a smile, a gesture of kindness.

Savour friendship

Share your heart as deeply as you can;

Walk to the edge. Those who stand with you are there for a reason.

Trust, trust, trust that the universe is friendly.


A few days later, a friend of mine was having a particularly challenging time, and she came to me for counsel and connection. Mostly for deep hugs and that place of safe haven – of feeling truly seen and heard. Of offering her true feelings in the moment and knowing they would land softly, without judgement, by someone willing to hold space and bear witness to her pain. After spending time listening, it felt right for me to share this writing with her. Which brought me the gift of realizing just how impactful 3 minutes can be.

In 3 minutes, a friendship can be made or broken; words can be spoken that heal or harm; love can be shared and accepted, or someone can step onto a different pathway than yours. A first kiss, or final kiss can be experienced. The final passage of childbirth can bring a tiny miracle into the world; or the final words you will ever say to someone can be spoken. In 3 minutes, a piece of music can uplift and inspire, an act of kindness can be given, words can be written or spoken, a dancer can move a heart to tears by their performance, seeds can be planted for many to enjoy a beautiful garden. So many amazing, brilliant, thoughtful, caring acts can be performed in 3 minutes.

Let’s take time to build 3 minutes of magic into our day – and into the lives of others, by extension.

In health and vibrancy, Laurie.

One thought on “Savour

  1. Thank you Laurie for the inspiration of your words on Savour today! I will share them with some people who will benefit from your spirit!
    Have a great day and I hope I can find the opportunity to join you in your new Yoga class. Nice to see you growing, expanding and LIVING YOUR LIFE!
    One day I would love for you to help me with writing some better content for my web page, yours flows so well!

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