I Notice Things

I notice things. I notice a lot of things. Always have.  I am keenly attuned with the energy in a space, person, or object.

This skill informs my healing practice immensely, since I intuitively know where to focus my attention to help ease the pain of my clients.  It helps me in my Hospice volunteering. As I sit with people in their final breaths, noticing the many and varied subtleties of change to their breathing, their hands, the feeling in the room, and whether I should play music (and if so, what kind?) or if now is the perfect time for silence.

I notice when negative thoughts arise, and I use different tools to release them. Sometimes I simply re-frame them in a positive way. For example “don’t trip” turns into “please be careful”. Regularly, when hearing others with negative messaging, I silently send out positive re-framing which guides the energy to bounce and shift to something uplifting. And I believe that by so doing, positive energy ripples throughout the entire space.

I notice how a sincere, friendly smile or simple gesture can uplift someone. How far it impacts. All because one person took the time to offer a friendly word or other comfort to another.

Someone once wondered how I can be so happy all the time, especially knowing the intense type of work I have pursued. It’s not that I have not seen pain, witnessed deep sadness and fear, nor lost meaningful relationships or connections. It’s that I choose to see them for the gift they were; to take the lessons from those losses; to glean the wisdom and to release with love. Absolute love. The total acceptance of others as they are in each moment – without attachment to designing their lives to mold to mine.

What works best for me is to open my heart, to deeply inhale all of life’s goodness, and to exhale it all out back to the world.  With the unshakeable knowing that my essence is to radiate love, wisdom, honor and respect to each; to  inspire and uplift; to model what I call heart-centered living by example.

To reach more deeply, I continue to expand my immersion into healing arts; I mentor others; I commit to daily meditation, movement, gratitude, and journaling practices. I take immaculate care of my body and mind, eating a variety of healthful foods; drinking re-structured, alkalized water; plus constantly studying the many facets of healthful living and spirituality that resonate with me. I maintain an even flow of energy in my body by dedication to these practices, by serving others in my professional practice, by writing for multiple platforms, and by volunteering regularly for causes that are important to me.

I notice things. And I am constantly recognizing pathways to making the world a better place. For me, it starts with awareness. And then taking action, often by creating and reaching out to the heart centered community around me.

In vibrancy, Laurie

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