What’s In A Name?

Last night, I was gifted with the most beautiful news. Magical news. The words many of us have come to know. The ones that fill our hearts with a tapestry of so much emotion, it is hard to articulate exactly what each strand is.  We only know that the weaving of them is sublime.

My eldest son and his life partner came to town in celebration of their move to another country. They arranged for a large multi-family gathering of those they love in Kelowna – the place he was born and raised.

And while they were here, they surprised us by celebrating a few birthdays. Mine was just a few days ago, his Dad’s upcoming in a few weeks. So, our son and his partner each had a small cake, complete with candles and sparklers. As they entered the room, singing Happy Birthday, and joined by everyone in the room, they placed a cake in front of each of us. Mine said “Happy Birthday, Grandma!”, and his said “Happy Birthday Grandpa!”.

This was the enchanting and delightful, celebratory way they announced their pending parenthood. How magical.  It was a flurry of emotion! I think I shouted in glee. I know I leapt up from my chair and hugged her with such emotion that I thought I might trip and fall on top of her. I absolutely kissed her cheek and held her, bellies touching. Then, I floated to my son, the biggest smile on my face – and his. Yes, sons can glow!  He was beaming.

Others at the table immediately looked at the message on the cake, read it out loud, so all would know what the commotion was about! Then everyone was on their feet, hugging, crying tears of joy, expressing congratulations.

And a while later, it happened……

Someone asked me what I would be called. Grandma? Grammie?  Nana…..?

It transported me to when I was faced with the honour of naming my own children. I didn’t understand at that time the energy of, or held within, a name. Only that the written and spoken word was rich with depth and meaning. I fully understood the extreme importance of selecting a name that both honoured the new being that entered the world, and the intention parents hold for their life script.

What’s in a name?  Energy. Vibration. Power. Intention. Connection. Frequency.

When pondering what I will be called, I know I will meditate and be guided to the perfect name. One that feels good as it travels through my mind, voice box, throat, tongue & lips. One that lands on their ears and in their hearts like no other. One that holds blessings of this new – and future – children of my children…

It is not a decision to be made lightly. It is not one I will change once the selection is made.

Once again, I trust in the voice of my spiritual guides, and ask the question.  Stay tuned for what reveals itself through me!

2 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Sister Heather says:

    Lovely piece Laurie! Congratulations – we are all so overjoyed by the news!
    btw – I like Lola (it is Filipino)

    • LaurieFabulous says:

      Thank you, Heather. I chose ‘Ona’ as the name to my Grandbabes (yes, I am projecting forward to other babies, too!).

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