I recently discovered that emails from a close connection had been placed  by my email account into a folder I didn’t notice before. She had been sending me information to help move my business forward  on a monthly basis for some time. She prepared beautiful videos, chock full of meaningful information to assist any entrepreneur. She had invited me to presentations and events.

And I hadn’t read one of them. Not one.

They had been sorted by my email system and sent to a separate folder that I never paid attention to. Until that day I did. Suddenly, much information came into my awareness. She was not the only person believing they had sent me messages that in fact, did not each me.

And it bough me a huge ‘AHA’ moment. A few actually. This gem is multi-faceted…..

How often do we think of someone, or do lots of work with great intentions, only to fall short in reaching the very people we wish to share our message with?

And perhaps more importantly, does it actually matter in the big picture?

I was introduced to a poem years ago that I go back to and re-read often. It was shared by a fellow hospice volunteer who had just completed training through me, and she wished to read it to the group at our final gathering before each moved to their chosen program. It’s called “love’s journey home” by mary ann radmacher. The line that speaks to me most deeply is

” love isn’t completed as it is returned. it is completed in its choice to be given”…

This really resonates with me. With intention, with love, with thoughts of peace and comfort and all things noble and sincere, it is not  in the receiving that the difference is made. The offering is enough. It is always enough.

Eventually, in my case on the exact day I was ready to accept her invitation of assistance – on the one day that I felt called to ask for help – it arrived in the form of me noticing a folder in my inbox that I had as yet left unopened. And when I opened it, I discovered multiple gifts awaiting inside. Perhaps on the day it is best heard, our message will be delivered and expressed perfectly.

And isn’t that how life is? So much awaits us, and is simply there for the taking . We simply need to open our awareness to it, and if it feels right, then say “yes.” Yes, YES, YES! Both arms flung open YES!

In health and vibrancy, Laurie.

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