Beyond the Words

It’s interesting to me that I enjoy the poetry and eloquence of the written and spoken word as much as I do, especially since the bulk of my healing work and volunteering is done in the powerful – and often profound – realm beyond words.

With the variety of energy work I provide, compassionate care is offered through light touch or near touch to guide people’s energy field to wholeness. Most of these experiences are provided in an atmosphere of soothing music, and often with little conversation. And yet, there is much communication. In this intuitive and responsive time together, I notice things, trust what arises, and offer appropriate focus of care based on a multitude of non-verbal signals.

I realized early in my Hospice volunteering that much communication occurs in the space beyond, and sometimes beneath the words. When in the depths of final transition, so much cannot be conveyed with words. Sometimes, despair doesn’t allow for words to come. Sometimes, the person I am sitting with is in the final moments of life, and unable to speak.

These are profound moments that serve as reminders of the immense power and sanctity of non-verbal communication. A willing hand to hold, a gentle presence, a gaze of understanding and compassion, or simply holding space for someone in need are all meaningful in this immensely rich time beyond words.

Perhaps this is why I appreciate the times I hear or read words from others that resonate with me. They serve as reminders of the interplay within communication. Because the message is heard in the ear of the listener. Irrespective of the actual words said, it is the perspective of the listener that creates the framework for their meaning.

I recognize the enormous power for inspiration and influence the written word provides. I have been asked to share a bit of my life journey in a collection of stories showcasing the power of defining moments within the lives of a variety of people. I am blessed to be part of this collaborative book, and will dig deep to articulate words that best express my moments of clarity, of choice, of connection, of experiences that have both shaped my world and rippled to those around me. I will seek to transmit the feelings within my story in an authentic way that both honors the people on my path, and invites readers on a journey of discovery.

I have also been inspired to write books of my own. So I set out, pen in hand, to place strokes of writing onto the once blank paper. I naturally feel more connected to paper than a computer, and actually feel the flow of creativity differently when it moves through my hand in swirls and doodles and margin notes. Creating a dance of ink on the canvas of paper.  I trust that the energy of expressing written words, pen on paper, will resonate beneath the words themselves. Happy reading!

In vibrancy, Laurie

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