Beginnings and Endings

Why is it that we are so excited and positive about new beginnings, but often so uncomfortable with endings?

For even in the most magnificent of beginnings – love partnership and union, birth of a baby, travel, new career opportunity – there is a corresponding goodbye. Goodbye to a previous lifestyle, routine, or way of being; to a location or culture; sometimes goodbye to people we used to see regularly; to neighborhoods we called home; possibly goodbye to roles we assumed or belief systems we adopted.

For anything new to arise, there must be a corresponding release. Something that took that time, that space, and that energy falls away to allow for whatever is new to enter.

I write this in the knowing and anticipation of my eldest son and his life partner’s move to Australia. Half a world away from British Columbia, Canada where he was born, raised, and has been living independently for 11 years now. An entire lifetime of material possessions is being reviewed and assessed. Decisions on what to keep, and what to sell, discard, or pass along to someone else are suddenly at the forefront for them.  It’s a time of reminiscing – of taking stock of the past.  Of placing values on items that may have been set aside for some time. Of visiting and reaching out to family and friends whom they may never see again. Of hopes that they will…

And on the East Coast, another man is also doing the same. Taking stock of the possessions of his life, paring it down to just the essentials, visiting friends and family, and neighborhoods of his past.  Making every arrangement necessary to be with the woman he loves (me!) on the West Coast.

I am doing similar work. First recalling the recent past when I chose to take stock – not only of material possessions but in the ways in which my life was being lived. Mainly though, I am holding space and love for both my eldest son who is moving across the globe, and for my life mate who is making his way to me. I am finding a new place to live in partnership, and in which to create new and lasting memories. Setting intentions to visit my son in a few months – giving both him and myself time to settle into new beginnings.

Beginnings and Endings. Future Meets Past.

Contemplating this somehow brings me to the present moment, as I direct my attention to my breathing pattern. I notice that my rhythmic breath simply unfolds effortlessly. I am not typically conscious of where one breath ends and one begins. But at certain moments, I can be. Following one’s breath with conscious intention is a wonderful tool during Yoga practice, or when I take pause to feel into my body – anytime I choose to bring awareness into the present moment.

Beginnings and Endings.  Simply unfolding. Sometimes with conscious focus, sometimes not.  Both are beautiful.  Honour Both.

In vibrancy, Laurie.


*Published in SIBYL Magazine, for the Spirit and Soul of Woman, February 2018

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