Standing in Gaia’s Hands

Each day I connect with the Earth and hold her deeply in the core of my being and in my heart.

I find a spot outside in the grass, on sand, or in water; it matters not the location that’s chosen. What matters is compassionate conscious connection with the earth. Holding her with tenderness and curiosity for the experience which is about to unfold.  The earth is alive with energy.  She has a pulse, a rhythm, a flow. We can tap into her and create a symphony of vibration between our own energy field and hers.

As I expand my awareness, I often notice in my mind’s eye a dance, a melding, and a fusion.  Immersed in this moment of sacred connection, I invite layers of movement, colors, sounds and thoughts to be stirred, activating and calibrating into higher frequencies that are wonderfully felt in this communion with Mother Gaia.

My boyfriend recently brought my attention to a film called “The Grounded” on YouTube. It uses the term “Earthing” as the practice of being connected to or immersed within the earth and explains multiple health benefits of doing so. A lot of what this film showcased rang true for me. We both connect daily with the earth and it helps restore and rejuvenate the entire complexity of our human condition. So we will sit or lay on the soft grass or beach, or swim in the ocean or lakes as ways to immerse ourselves in the earth. When we are experiencing cold, snowy winters, we choose to connect through trees.

I have long had an affinity with trees – climbing them, taking a rubbing of their bark, placing my hands on the trunk, photographing them, hugging them, or sitting at their base completely content with their company. Yes, at 55 years of age, I still climb trees!  I feel their pulse and recognize their uniqueness. It’s not just their look or smell, each emits a particular signature frequency I’m able to tap into like a friend.

Regardless of which method of connection is chosen on any particular day as I earth, I breathe in the earth’s energy while bringing my attention to the multiple receptors within my body as I respond to her cadence. While I’m engaged in connecting with a particular tree, I become entwined with the entire root system, by tuning into the energy patterns that exist beneath our very feet. There is an incredible inter-woven network of tree roots in the earth, and it’s said they have a complex communication system that stretches for miles through them. It’s incredibly inspiring to tap into the expansiveness of this experience. It’s palpable, and it feels so good to attune yourself to their voice and community.

Earthing – receiving and giving energy, as constant and natural as breath or waves is an experience, a beautiful exchange, an inhale then exhale, a gift and an offering.

All by simply standing in Gaia’s hands.

In vibrancy, Laurie.

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