The Magic of Children

I am on a flight today – several flights, in fact. A family with 5 young children, all under the age of 7 I’d say, are fellow passengers. They are seated 4 rows behind me, and by their excitement and curiosity, it appears this is their first flight.  Their delight as the plane took off, and wonder of seeing the city from the air, brought a huge smile to my face and heart. I recalled the freshness of my own sons’ first flight, many years ago.

I have also chosen many ‘firsts’ this year and am revitalized and enchanted with my own discoveries. Looking at my life, analyzing how my belief systems and attitudes colour my perspective, and noticing how simply adjusting the lens through which I reflect my experiences uncovers hidden depths of understanding.

One of the wondrous ‘firsts’ I experienced recently was the birth of my first Grand-babe. I scroll through photos  that capture the magic and intensity and miracle of birth, and the myriad of ways it connects both the parents and the outer family. Within the first weeks of her life, I witnessed and experienced so many moments of pure presence. Being content simply watching her sleep, feeling her warmth on my chest as I hold her, of connecting on a multitude of levels though eye contact alone.  Nothing to do, no-where else to be; simply breathing together and feeling into gratitude and bonding.

My intention for life is to discover more; to be fully open; to deeply dive into past patterning ; to allow lessons of truth to permeate my being; to recognize my triggers and when reaction vs. response arises. My intention is to also take what I have gleaned, and shine that wisdom into each present moment.

Between stimulus and response is a space. And within that space lies a key which holds much power. And this powerful key is choice.

Choice to continue reacting to patterning and beliefs that may fuel intensity and dissonance, or the choice to pause, to connect with my full being, engage my heart space, and allow my communication  to spring forth from a higher and broader perspective. From the now moment.  From a place of free-flow, where the formless takes shape.

The choice to be present and available to others, to hear what they are not saying – what they may never be able to say. To remain humble and open to the suggestions of others. To explore and be inquisitive of the wonders this world holds, and the unfolding experiences and gifts that life is presenting.

Which brings me back to the children on the plane. Completely present. Completely enthralled with clouds, views, sounds, and the fullness of experiences the plane ride offered. In complete glee and receivership.

Oh, the magic of children. What lessons they have for us all.

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