Thoughts on Becoming Ona

Happy Birthday, Grandma!   Those were the words written in chocolate on my birthday cake last year during a family gathering.  Three words that have forever changed my world, and that of so many others….  My eldest son and his girlfriend were visiting from out of town and insisted on buying the cake. Now we know why!!

After the hugs, questions, photos, and flurry that follow this exciting announcement, there came time for reminiscing.  Of recalling the beauty, magic, and preparations of giving birth to two sons myself. Of remembering the many surprises that pregnancy itself brought, and wonder for the myriad of ways our bodies change to accommodate our growing babes.  Of focused dedication to nutrition, and completely and totally being in love with someone you have not even met yet.

It’s not, after all, just one family that is being born with this new life entering the world. Although the nucleus – the heart – is my son, his girlfriend and their babe, the birth is also a catalyst to connect extended family units & friends. Those who also celebrate, wish, dream, and hold intentions for the health, happiness and experiences for life with this new Babe.  The image of ripples in water comes to mind.

Already, life has shifted. Anticipation of what is ahead – knowing how parenthood will stretch and fill my son to points not even imagined. How every child’s cry will be felt in a new and profound way. How the wellbeing of this amazing planet becomes much more significant. Awareness of how the most beautiful and honest expressions of love are held in each present moment.

Many people have been sincerely happy when they hear the news of the coming babe, which springs into being the constant renewal of this precious life we live. I witness in those who already have entered into this experience of grandparenthood a depth of intensity, a lingering gaze, a burst of energy. This is not lost on me. It brings a new appreciation and deepening curiosity for the sanctity of the connection with my grandchild that lies ahead.

It took me some time to select the name I wish to be called. I did a bit of research, but really, I simply let the name land. And when I heard “Ona”, I knew it was the noun to describe me.  The way it felt as I said it aloud, the way it landed softly on my ears.  So, Ona it is.  Not just for this, my first Grandbabe, but for all that follow.

I am making my way to Brisbane, Australia, to be there when this new life takes his or her first breaths.  To witness my son in his first weeks of fatherhood. Wow – tears are forming for me as I allow this to settle. Yes, this is a huge gift in the upcoming experience. To witness my son in his first weeks of fatherhood.

Here’s to life unfolding in beautiful and surprising ways.

In vibrancy, Laurie.

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