Death is Not An Ending

Death is not an ending. It’s a transition – a nexus point, a shift in being. It’s a resurrection, a renewal, a remembering, a homecoming.  Each death is an opportunity for us all to deeply acknowledge the mortality of our human form. A chance to relate to what cannot be seen or held. To open ourselves to trust in the magic of possibility, and wonder and surrender.

Love remains. Memories remain. The energy of each person’s presence remains in memories and thoughts, in addition to tangible things that they left. Sometimes we leave an idea, or a business, a family, a garden – some physical testament that we have been, that we have lived, that we have loved. Sometimes it’s a book or letters, a recipe, song, or artwork. A testament that yes, we have been alive and that we’ve taken up physical space in our bodies and on the earth.

With my hospice background, I have sat with hundreds of people in their final moments, which has gifted me many profound moments of noticing; of fine-tuning my awareness as I hold space with each. Feeling the energy within the room, the love, the compassion, guidance and presence from the other side – what some perceive as the non-visible world.

Which brings me to a lesson from the Mobius Strip. This is a long, thin piece of paper that is taped or glued at its ends to make it one continuous loop, but just before attaching, one single twist is applied to the piece. When you run your finger along it, the inside becomes the outside and the outside becomes the inside. It is a terrific demonstration of how the seen becomes the unseen, and the unseen becomes the seen. And there is no particular place where it starts or where it ends.

The heavens and the earth are intertwined. Humans and this planet are intertwined. Humans and the cosmos are intertwined. A Mobius strip also looks like an infinity sign when you hold it horizontally, which figures strongly in my energy sessions. The flow of it, the vision of it, the essence of  it, the feel of it weaves within the energetic core and  it adds nurturance, and sustenance and realism in its flow and sacred  movement.

I pause, and inhale deeply. I repeat the words with focus – Sacred Movement.

Death is a sacred movement and is an inseparable component of the divine space and flow of life. As someone who has participated and companioned in many varied types of experiences of the dying process, one thing holds true; as constant as my breath, as constant as both the sun and moon rise and set each day….. Death is not an ending.

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