How Do You Touch Infinity?

My life is full. I feel centered, calm and optimistic about the future.  My heart is open, and expanding in ways beyond my comprehension at times. I feel blessed and thankful throughout each day for the surprising and delightful ways in which the world opens herself up to me.

I have made deliberate and heart-centered choices to leave much of what is familiar. The town and province I have lived in for over 40 years, and friends I have known for decades.  Which brings me to question “Does one ever really leave a friend?”

Geographically, that is true, as I set out to create a new and as yet unformed pathway. One of travel, of exploration and discovery of areas I have never been to. A way of life where one follows inspiration as to where travel next, and when.

But in my heart, mind, and spirit, the idea of leaving friends does not ring true. Our friendship connection is as strong as ever. When I reach out to share a friendly hello, they often ask “How did I know to connect at that moment?”  You see, my interpretation of closeness is not defined by proximity.

My awareness of the interconnectedness of us all began many years ago. But the depth, breadth and limitlessness of that connection expanded exponentially with my life partner, as we continue to navigate a loving relationship, sometimes from different countries.

Which brings me to the miracle of Harper. My first grandchild. Who was born to my firstborn son, who moved across the globe with his life partner. They too, left much that is familiar to start a new chapter of life.

Harper’s birth was the catalyst for our travel to Australia, but the decision to stay there for 2 months was simply saying yes to the nudges of opportunity that flowed effortlessly.

Yes, I live far apart from my Grand-daughter. Of course, it would be great if I could snuggle more often, take her for walks, teach her somersaults and cartwheels & push her on the swings at a park – you get the idea.  But in lieu, we will sing, laugh and share our lives via any number of live video streaming options. Through the screen, I see her blowing bubbles with her mouth as she attempts to form words, & she hears my voice, studies my facial expressions, and will still witness the depth of love, wonder and gratitude contained in my eyes.

Each time I think of Harper, I offer the energy of love, compassion, peace and whatever inspires me at the moment to be received by and integrated into her.    And so it is with all.

How Do You Touch Infinity?   ~   You give birth to a child.

In vibrancy, Laurie.

(published in ‘Sibyl Magazine: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman’, Dec 2018

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