The Edge of Autumn

It is mid-September, and I am staying in a beautiful Park on the Hudson River in upstate New York.

As is typical, I say ‘hello’ to people I meet each day, and get to know them a bit. Today held a special surprise. As I was in conversation with one of the maintenance workers at the park, he brought up his high school football background, sharing the name of the nearby school which he attended.

My boyfriend also played football. And he grew up in this area, so I wondered if they may know each other. I immediately called for my boyfriend, who joined the conversation. Turns out, they played during the same time frame. Conversation turned to their teammates:  who turned Semi -pro or Pro, who is still in the area, and who they lost track of over the years.

As the conversation was coming to a close, Bryant said something that really resonated with me.  He asked my boyfriend “Do you ever feel the edge at this time of year?” There was a pause. “You know, the edge of anticipation that grips each fall, knowing that the season is about to start?” The approach of autumn brings to Bryant the sense of fond reminiscing. Of accepting that the time has long passed in which he was directly connected with the training, the comeraderie of the team, the smell of the field, the physical exertion of the body, the crunch of the helmets and sound of the whistles, the intensity of training, and the energy of game day.  Yet, the feeling remains.  And it comes around every year at this time.

I feel a different edge with autumn.  It springs in me deep anticipation to bear witness to the changing of the landscape. The vibrancy of colour that bursts forth on the mountains and hillsides; the smells of wet leaves and earth, and often fireplaces; the crispness of mornings, and awakening to a hot cup of tea. To dig out the crock pot, knowing it will be filled with hearty soups and stews over the coming months.

Autumn also hosts my favourite holiday – Thanksgiving.  A time to express our gratitude for the people, lifestyle, abundance and joy we hold dear. Often, it’s a time to gather with family and others to share in beautiful weekend experiences and healthful food. To gather up and store vegetables for the winter, to prepare lawns and gardens for their inward journey.  To shift clothing in preparation for our own needs, and plan trips to sunny climates, if we wish.  Or to ski destinations!

Thanksgiving in Canada has come and gone. But for my American friends, I hold space for deep joy; whether you choose a quiet intimate dinner, or a large formal one.  Approach life with both arms wide open to discovering your own edge this Autumn. Take note of what you are most grateful for. And do more of what brings you the fullness of heart that expresses through your gratitude.

In vibrancy, Laurie

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