I was watching “Songland”, where songwriters compete for the opportunity for a seasoned singer or band to select their song to record. On this episode, one song highlighted how people often are not speaking the same language. The songwriter called it “lost in translation”.

And the word “nonversation” landed in my head.

Because often what we really mean to say gets stuck in our hearts, so we replace it with words from the mind. We speak about our situation, our ‘to do’ list, and whatever else is taking space in our busy mind-chatter. Words that deflect from our feeling state. We may focus on what we are going to say next instead of listening to what the other person is saying. We may not express ourselves clearly or fully. Perhaps we don’t feel heard ourselves.

Then frustration sets in and further amplifies the nonversation – sometimes dominating the experience. It comes down to not being frequency-specific with the person you are interacting with. At least not while you’re in nonversation.

The saying ‘not on the same wavelength’ comes to mind. When I was younger, I thought it was an analogy. But it’s true. So very true.

We are energetic beings ~ everything is in vibration. So when we realize that, we can soften our opinions and judgements about others. We can shift our frustration and blame of them, to notice our interactions as energetic. We can then see our own part in the maintenance, the escalation, or the resolution of the experience. We can learn to appreciate them – perhaps even thank them – for bringing important themes to light for us through our disharmony in communication.

We can learn to shift the energy in a space, and especially within our own auric fields, to harmonize and draw like frequencies to us ~ in the form of people, conversations, careers, experiences ~ even abundance and prosperity. This is a powerful key. Because we can choose to shift our experiences of the world around us by making shifts within ourselves.

Every action;

each word spoken;

each thought that precipitated it;

each belief that birthed the thought;

can be shifted.

Everything is a choice. Even nonversation.

Be aware. Pay attention to the seeds of your experience (your beliefs). Water them with care. Pull the weeds at their root, and be patient when they come back for your attention. A beautiful garden takes tending. So do it with love and a joyful heart.

And if you wish for guidance or assistance, simply reach out. I am honoured to help.

In vibrancy, Laurie.

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