Embrace Me

I am the wind of change ~ embrace me

I am the cleansing rain ~ feel me

I am the radiance of the sun ~ bask in me

I am the pathway to breathtaking vistas ~ discover me

I am the rhythm of the waves,

forever echoing the heartbeat of the Earth ~

hear me calling….

“Come, play”.

written by Zenchick, aka Laurie Bartley. 😉

May 2020


I was watching “Songland”, where songwriters compete for the opportunity for a seasoned singer or band to select their song to record. On this episode, one song highlighted how people often are not speaking the same language. The songwriter called it “lost in translation”.

And the word “nonversation” landed in my head.

Because often what we really mean to say gets stuck in our hearts, so we replace it with words from the mind. We speak about our situation, our ‘to do’ list, and whatever else is taking space in our busy mind-chatter. Words that deflect from our feeling state. We may focus on what we are going to say next instead of listening to what the other person is saying. We may not express ourselves clearly or fully. Perhaps we don’t feel heard ourselves.

Then frustration sets in and further amplifies the nonversation – sometimes dominating the experience. It comes down to not being frequency-specific with the person you are interacting with. At least not while you’re in nonversation.

The saying ‘not on the same wavelength’ comes to mind. When I was younger, I thought it was an analogy. But it’s true. So very true.

We are energetic beings ~ everything is in vibration. So when we realize that, we can soften our opinions and judgements about others. We can shift our frustration and blame of them, to notice our interactions as energetic. We can then see our own part in the maintenance, the escalation, or the resolution of the experience. We can learn to appreciate them – perhaps even thank them – for bringing important themes to light for us through our disharmony in communication.

We can learn to shift the energy in a space, and especially within our own auric fields, to harmonize and draw like frequencies to us ~ in the form of people, conversations, careers, experiences ~ even abundance and prosperity. This is a powerful key. Because we can choose to shift our experiences of the world around us by making shifts within ourselves.

Every action;

each word spoken;

each thought that precipitated it;

each belief that birthed the thought;

can be shifted.

Everything is a choice. Even nonversation.

Be aware. Pay attention to the seeds of your experience (your beliefs). Water them with care. Pull the weeds at their root, and be patient when they come back for your attention. A beautiful garden takes tending. So do it with love and a joyful heart.

And if you wish for guidance or assistance, simply reach out. I am honoured to help.

In vibrancy, Laurie.

May You Be…

May you be as water, and flow with ease and grace amidst the shifting landscape.

May you be as sunlight, and shine on every being without judgement or hesitation.

May you be as earth, grounded in a foundation of connection to the inner heartbeat of the world.

May you be as nature, offering your beauty in it’s fullness ~ as you simultaneously receive from your surroundings in a symbiotic relationship.

May all beings live in Truth.

May all beings live in Harmony.

May all beings live in Abundance.

In vibrancy, Laurie.

How Do You Touch Infinity?

My life is full. I feel centered, calm and optimistic about the future.  My heart is open, and expanding in ways beyond my comprehension at times. I feel blessed and thankful throughout each day for the surprising and delightful ways in which the world opens herself up to me.

I have made deliberate and heart-centered choices to leave much of what is familiar. The town and province I have lived in for over 40 years, and friends I have known for decades.  Which brings me to question “Does one ever really leave a friend?”

Geographically, that is true, as I set out to create a new and as yet unformed pathway. One of travel, of exploration and discovery of areas I have never been to. A way of life where one follows inspiration as to where travel next, and when.

But in my heart, mind, and spirit, the idea of leaving friends does not ring true. Our friendship connection is as strong as ever. When I reach out to share a friendly hello, they often ask “How did I know to connect at that moment?”  You see, my interpretation of closeness is not defined by proximity.

My awareness of the interconnectedness of us all began many years ago. But the depth, breadth and limitlessness of that connection expanded exponentially with my life partner, as we continue to navigate a loving relationship, sometimes from different countries.

Which brings me to the miracle of Harper. My first grandchild. Who was born to my firstborn son, who moved across the globe with his life partner. They too, left much that is familiar to start a new chapter of life.

Harper’s birth was the catalyst for our travel to Australia, but the decision to stay there for 2 months was simply saying yes to the nudges of opportunity that flowed effortlessly.

Yes, I live far apart from my Grand-daughter. Of course, it would be great if I could snuggle more often, take her for walks, teach her somersaults and cartwheels & push her on the swings at a park – you get the idea.  But in lieu, we will sing, laugh and share our lives via any number of live video streaming options. Through the screen, I see her blowing bubbles with her mouth as she attempts to form words, & she hears my voice, studies my facial expressions, and will still witness the depth of love, wonder and gratitude contained in my eyes.

Each time I think of Harper, I offer the energy of love, compassion, peace and whatever inspires me at the moment to be received by and integrated into her.    And so it is with all.

How Do You Touch Infinity?   ~   You give birth to a child.

In vibrancy, Laurie.

(published in ‘Sibyl Magazine: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman’, Dec 2018

The Edge of Autumn

It is mid-September, and I am staying in a beautiful Park on the Hudson River in upstate New York.

As is typical, I say ‘hello’ to people I meet each day, and get to know them a bit. Today held a special surprise. As I was in conversation with one of the maintenance workers at the park, he brought up his high school football background, sharing the name of the nearby school which he attended.

My boyfriend also played football. And he grew up in this area, so I wondered if they may know each other. I immediately called for my boyfriend, who joined the conversation. Turns out, they played during the same time frame. Conversation turned to their teammates:  who turned Semi -pro or Pro, who is still in the area, and who they lost track of over the years.

As the conversation was coming to a close, Bryant said something that really resonated with me.  He asked my boyfriend “Do you ever feel the edge at this time of year?” There was a pause. “You know, the edge of anticipation that grips each fall, knowing that the season is about to start?” The approach of autumn brings to Bryant the sense of fond reminiscing. Of accepting that the time has long passed in which he was directly connected with the training, the comeraderie of the team, the smell of the field, the physical exertion of the body, the crunch of the helmets and sound of the whistles, the intensity of training, and the energy of game day.  Yet, the feeling remains.  And it comes around every year at this time.

I feel a different edge with autumn.  It springs in me deep anticipation to bear witness to the changing of the landscape. The vibrancy of colour that bursts forth on the mountains and hillsides; the smells of wet leaves and earth, and often fireplaces; the crispness of mornings, and awakening to a hot cup of tea. To dig out the crock pot, knowing it will be filled with hearty soups and stews over the coming months.

Autumn also hosts my favourite holiday – Thanksgiving.  A time to express our gratitude for the people, lifestyle, abundance and joy we hold dear. Often, it’s a time to gather with family and others to share in beautiful weekend experiences and healthful food. To gather up and store vegetables for the winter, to prepare lawns and gardens for their inward journey.  To shift clothing in preparation for our own needs, and plan trips to sunny climates, if we wish.  Or to ski destinations!

Thanksgiving in Canada has come and gone. But for my American friends, I hold space for deep joy; whether you choose a quiet intimate dinner, or a large formal one.  Approach life with both arms wide open to discovering your own edge this Autumn. Take note of what you are most grateful for. And do more of what brings you the fullness of heart that expresses through your gratitude.

In vibrancy, Laurie

What Lies Off The Groomed Path

I have long wanted to rock climb; to stretch the limits of my body’s strength, flexibility and coordination; to completely surrender to the moment and trust that the mountain will support me perfectly in the experience.

Recently, my boyfriend and I explored yet another spectacular nature playground of this amazing planet. While at Mohonk Mountain House in NY, a 40,000 acre protected forest area which overlooks a glacier lake, we chose to take the Labyrinth and Crevice rock climbing natural pathways instead of the groomed pathways to the top. Yes, 973 glorious feet of traversing boulders and natural pathways up the side of a rock-cliff mountain. It’s called rock scrambling, and it’s delightful!

Talk about breathtaking.  Every sense was delighted during the experience. The feel of the rocks on my hands and underfoot, the way the temperature dropped in certain caves, the warmth of the full-on sun at rock bluffs which offered us both respite from the climb, and a chance to simply soak in the beauty of the surroundings.  At times we saw far above us the bridges constructed for the groomed pathways, while we continued to traverse natural rocks and ledges. We moved left and right; up, down and then up again; trusting that the mountain offers rocks for footholds, aligned ever so perfectly with ones for our hands to grasp when the terrain is more challenging. Choosing in each moment where to carefully place our feet while watching for branches or other obstacles, and paying attention to the mountain’s every nuance. So many incredible jaw dropping moments of wonder and discovery were placed before us. We stopped multiple times, pointing out trees, roots, mushrooms, rock formations, and the stunning views of the lake or the multiple mountain ranges in sight.

I had never hiked like this before, and the experience brought forth in me a childlike wonder and curiosity. Feelings of giddiness and lightness arose. There was complete appreciation of the perfection of this space, and I felt a symbiotic melding into it. I chose my own distinct pathway, while still following the worn red arrows of direction.  Down? Into that small cave? Challenge accepted.  Thankful for strategically placed ladders to guide us up the very steep spaces, we continued to move in our dance with the mountain.

The experience provided me with so many gifts that day. Gifts that I can breathe back to life by simply closing my eyes and recalling the details of how I felt in any particular moment. Therein lies another gift from the mountain; recognition that our connection to and rejeuvenation from the earth – this glorious symbiotic sharing of energy between us, endures by simply recalling it.  There was no schedule, no deadline to meet. I was graced with simply enjoying the momentum of the climb, and moved by the captivating beauty of it all.

Wishing you much delight as you discover and appreciate what lies off the groomed path in life.

In vibrancy, Laurie.

Death is Not An Ending

Death is not an ending. It’s a transition – a nexus point, a shift in being. It’s a resurrection, a renewal, a remembering, a homecoming.  Each death is an opportunity for us all to deeply acknowledge the mortality of our human form. A chance to relate to what cannot be seen or held. To open ourselves to trust in the magic of possibility, and wonder and surrender.

Love remains. Memories remain. The energy of each person’s presence remains in memories and thoughts, in addition to tangible things that they left. Sometimes we leave an idea, or a business, a family, a garden – some physical testament that we have been, that we have lived, that we have loved. Sometimes it’s a book or letters, a recipe, song, or artwork. A testament that yes, we have been alive and that we’ve taken up physical space in our bodies and on the earth.

With my hospice background, I have sat with hundreds of people in their final moments, which has gifted me many profound moments of noticing; of fine-tuning my awareness as I hold space with each. Feeling the energy within the room, the love, the compassion, guidance and presence from the other side – what some perceive as the non-visible world.

Which brings me to a lesson from the Mobius Strip. This is a long, thin piece of paper that is taped or glued at its ends to make it one continuous loop, but just before attaching, one single twist is applied to the piece. When you run your finger along it, the inside becomes the outside and the outside becomes the inside. It is a terrific demonstration of how the seen becomes the unseen, and the unseen becomes the seen. And there is no particular place where it starts or where it ends.

The heavens and the earth are intertwined. Humans and this planet are intertwined. Humans and the cosmos are intertwined. A Mobius strip also looks like an infinity sign when you hold it horizontally, which figures strongly in my energy sessions. The flow of it, the vision of it, the essence of  it, the feel of it weaves within the energetic core and  it adds nurturance, and sustenance and realism in its flow and sacred  movement.

I pause, and inhale deeply. I repeat the words with focus – Sacred Movement.

Death is a sacred movement and is an inseparable component of the divine space and flow of life. As someone who has participated and companioned in many varied types of experiences of the dying process, one thing holds true; as constant as my breath, as constant as both the sun and moon rise and set each day….. Death is not an ending.

Thoughts on Becoming Ona

Happy Birthday, Grandma!   Those were the words written in chocolate on my birthday cake last year during a family gathering.  Three words that have forever changed my world, and that of so many others….  My eldest son and his girlfriend were visiting from out of town and insisted on buying the cake. Now we know why!!

After the hugs, questions, photos, and flurry that follow this exciting announcement, there came time for reminiscing.  Of recalling the beauty, magic, and preparations of giving birth to two sons myself. Of remembering the many surprises that pregnancy itself brought, and wonder for the myriad of ways our bodies change to accommodate our growing babes.  Of focused dedication to nutrition, and completely and totally being in love with someone you have not even met yet.

It’s not, after all, just one family that is being born with this new life entering the world. Although the nucleus – the heart – is my son, his girlfriend and their babe, the birth is also a catalyst to connect extended family units & friends. Those who also celebrate, wish, dream, and hold intentions for the health, happiness and experiences for life with this new Babe.  The image of ripples in water comes to mind.

Already, life has shifted. Anticipation of what is ahead – knowing how parenthood will stretch and fill my son to points not even imagined. How every child’s cry will be felt in a new and profound way. How the wellbeing of this amazing planet becomes much more significant. Awareness of how the most beautiful and honest expressions of love are held in each present moment.

Many people have been sincerely happy when they hear the news of the coming babe, which springs into being the constant renewal of this precious life we live. I witness in those who already have entered into this experience of grandparenthood a depth of intensity, a lingering gaze, a burst of energy. This is not lost on me. It brings a new appreciation and deepening curiosity for the sanctity of the connection with my grandchild that lies ahead.

It took me some time to select the name I wish to be called. I did a bit of research, but really, I simply let the name land. And when I heard “Ona”, I knew it was the noun to describe me.  The way it felt as I said it aloud, the way it landed softly on my ears.  So, Ona it is.  Not just for this, my first Grandbabe, but for all that follow.

I am making my way to Brisbane, Australia, to be there when this new life takes his or her first breaths.  To witness my son in his first weeks of fatherhood. Wow – tears are forming for me as I allow this to settle. Yes, this is a huge gift in the upcoming experience. To witness my son in his first weeks of fatherhood.

Here’s to life unfolding in beautiful and surprising ways.

In vibrancy, Laurie.

The Magic of Children

I am on a flight today – several flights, in fact. A family with 5 young children, all under the age of 7 I’d say, are fellow passengers. They are seated 4 rows behind me, and by their excitement and curiosity, it appears this is their first flight.  Their delight as the plane took off, and wonder of seeing the city from the air, brought a huge smile to my face and heart. I recalled the freshness of my own sons’ first flight, many years ago.

I have also chosen many ‘firsts’ this year and am revitalized and enchanted with my own discoveries. Looking at my life, analyzing how my belief systems and attitudes colour my perspective, and noticing how simply adjusting the lens through which I reflect my experiences uncovers hidden depths of understanding.

One of the wondrous ‘firsts’ I experienced recently was the birth of my first Grand-babe. I scroll through photos  that capture the magic and intensity and miracle of birth, and the myriad of ways it connects both the parents and the outer family. Within the first weeks of her life, I witnessed and experienced so many moments of pure presence. Being content simply watching her sleep, feeling her warmth on my chest as I hold her, of connecting on a multitude of levels though eye contact alone.  Nothing to do, no-where else to be; simply breathing together and feeling into gratitude and bonding.

My intention for life is to discover more; to be fully open; to deeply dive into past patterning ; to allow lessons of truth to permeate my being; to recognize my triggers and when reaction vs. response arises. My intention is to also take what I have gleaned, and shine that wisdom into each present moment.

Between stimulus and response is a space. And within that space lies a key which holds much power. And this powerful key is choice.

Choice to continue reacting to patterning and beliefs that may fuel intensity and dissonance, or the choice to pause, to connect with my full being, engage my heart space, and allow my communication  to spring forth from a higher and broader perspective. From the now moment.  From a place of free-flow, where the formless takes shape.

The choice to be present and available to others, to hear what they are not saying – what they may never be able to say. To remain humble and open to the suggestions of others. To explore and be inquisitive of the wonders this world holds, and the unfolding experiences and gifts that life is presenting.

Which brings me back to the children on the plane. Completely present. Completely enthralled with clouds, views, sounds, and the fullness of experiences the plane ride offered. In complete glee and receivership.

Oh, the magic of children. What lessons they have for us all.

Standing in Gaia’s Hands

Each day I connect with the Earth and hold her deeply in the core of my being and in my heart.

I find a spot outside in the grass, on sand, or in water; it matters not the location that’s chosen. What matters is compassionate conscious connection with the earth. Holding her with tenderness and curiosity for the experience which is about to unfold.  The earth is alive with energy.  She has a pulse, a rhythm, a flow. We can tap into her and create a symphony of vibration between our own energy field and hers.

As I expand my awareness, I often notice in my mind’s eye a dance, a melding, and a fusion.  Immersed in this moment of sacred connection, I invite layers of movement, colors, sounds and thoughts to be stirred, activating and calibrating into higher frequencies that are wonderfully felt in this communion with Mother Gaia.

My boyfriend recently brought my attention to a film called “The Grounded” on YouTube. It uses the term “Earthing” as the practice of being connected to or immersed within the earth and explains multiple health benefits of doing so. A lot of what this film showcased rang true for me. We both connect daily with the earth and it helps restore and rejuvenate the entire complexity of our human condition. So we will sit or lay on the soft grass or beach, or swim in the ocean or lakes as ways to immerse ourselves in the earth. When we are experiencing cold, snowy winters, we choose to connect through trees.

I have long had an affinity with trees – climbing them, taking a rubbing of their bark, placing my hands on the trunk, photographing them, hugging them, or sitting at their base completely content with their company. Yes, at 55 years of age, I still climb trees!  I feel their pulse and recognize their uniqueness. It’s not just their look or smell, each emits a particular signature frequency I’m able to tap into like a friend.

Regardless of which method of connection is chosen on any particular day as I earth, I breathe in the earth’s energy while bringing my attention to the multiple receptors within my body as I respond to her cadence. While I’m engaged in connecting with a particular tree, I become entwined with the entire root system, by tuning into the energy patterns that exist beneath our very feet. There is an incredible inter-woven network of tree roots in the earth, and it’s said they have a complex communication system that stretches for miles through them. It’s incredibly inspiring to tap into the expansiveness of this experience. It’s palpable, and it feels so good to attune yourself to their voice and community.

Earthing – receiving and giving energy, as constant and natural as breath or waves is an experience, a beautiful exchange, an inhale then exhale, a gift and an offering.

All by simply standing in Gaia’s hands.

In vibrancy, Laurie.