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Therapeutic Touch Workshops are being hosted by Jeanette Kirschner.

Contact Jeanette for the 2018 fall schedule

  • Learn a non-invasive therapy using near touch and light touch
  • Discover a method to help reduce pain and stimulate relaxation.
  • Especially useful for people with chronic or catastrophic conditions.
  • Use TT for family and friends, and clients in your healing practice.
  • Complementary to medical care; used in hospitals by nurses.

Anyone can learn! Join over 200,000 practitioners in more than 100 countries.

There is always a Friday night Free information session,


Therapeutic Touch Level 1 – Learn the Basic Process of TT
Therapeutic Touch Level 2 – Use Imagery, Color, and Music in TT
Therapeutic Touch Level 3 – Chakras, Emotional Field, Assessment Skills
Advanced Workshops are typically offered, as well.