ENERGY EXPERIENCES – Integrating Spirit/Mind/Body connection.

Personal Energy Assessment, Calibration, & Expansion (P.E.A.C.E.)

Offered personally or online. Your choice of:

20 minute “Energy Boost”, or  1.0 hour “Immersive” Energy

1.5 hour “Ultimate” is offered in person only. This is my signature “Essential Energy Session, which weaves Plant Medicine – through Essential Oils applied with specific techniques & intention along your back, shoulders, neck, and feet –  with Aromatherapy plus Energy medicine to provide what has been called a “Whole Body Exhale”


“Wind yourself in me,   And I will hold you gently,  so that you can know.”    Anonymous 

PHYSICAL WELL-BEING – Nutrition & Skin Care

Join many who are discovering the power and sustainability of healing from the inside out. 

Is the water you drink negatively affecting your health?

All Water is not created equal.  Contact Laurie Bartley to learn more.