Why it Matters

The reasons I developed Heart Centered Living are multi-faceted.

  • because I recognize the power in leading with my heart. In relationships, casual conversations, in business, in my volunteerism. Every aspect of how I interact – with people, with nature, with myself – is led by my heart.
  • I know to my core that there are simple (not necessarily easy) steps that can help when we are in pain physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We look to things outside ourselves to bring us satisfaction, sometimes to our great detriment. Our bodies are speaking to us. By connecting within, by listening with our heart’s wisdom, we gain clarity from which arises choice. Choice to continue the beliefs, patterns, and habits of our past, or choice to shift in some way to a better present moment and tomorrow.
  • because I am honoured to have discovered, experienced, been taught, and to now share these teachings
  • because I believe in the power of collaboration and am constantly meeting people who share the same heart-centered approach in their life and work, and I wish to help support them in their journey to help others, too.

Please visit the “Meet Laurie” and “Services” pages to learn about how I guide you to the Wholeness and Wellness your Body, Mind, and Spirit is longing for you to realize.


“Laurie is someone to experience, rather than describe. Every moment of her day is directed by her heart, and she makes moving from a place of love seem innate and easy. She is 100% present all of the time, and she exudes a loving energy that, quite simply, changes anyone who crosses her path. I have personally experienced Laurie’s magic and the deep healing she provides through therapeutic touch and using the raindrop technique; each time, I have been changed for the better. Laurie’s love, kindness and talents extend far beyond her therapeutic offerings as she continually opens her heart to others by volunteering her time and energy supporting organizations and events that are in line with her passion for making a difference for others in need and in the world itself. Make no mistake about it, Laurie Bartley is a change maker, and if you are graced with her presence, pay careful attention because her impact on you will be profound and life altering in a very, very positive way. ”        Diana R