Numerology: for clarity, purpose & guidance

“To Thine Own Self, Be True.”

If you choose to dive more deeply into understanding your personality, in determining what common factors and blind spots are influencing your decisions and life experiences, and into the richness of your inner purpose, let me unlock your personal code to provide clarity, understanding, and a positive way forward for 2021.

Your birthdate reveals rich and complex insights, that are imprinted within you for life. Your Values, Strengths, Obstacles and Life Lessons are revealed through your Ruling Number. You may choose for these to be revealed in a Mini-Blueprint. Or you may wish to explore more layers and insight by experiencing a full blueprint: uncovering your major life influences as shown through your own unique Energy Grid, plus understanding how your Personal Day energy flavors your contribution to the world, and your experience of it. A full reading will also offer a guide map for your life lessons – both past and future. You will receive keys to unlock how to maximize your potential by planning ahead with intentionality, based on your peak energy days/months/years.

I interpret your numbers in a way that honours the depth, uniqueness, and truth of who you are.

Introducing… ‘Vibrational Essence Numerology Blueprints‘.

Mini-Blueprints are comprised of a written report, plus a 20 minute interpretation call. $77.00 C$

Full Vibrational Essence Blueprints include 3 1-hour weekly coaching calls to share and integrate your unique code, plus a comprehensive written report. $333.00 C$

I would be honoured to support you in a deeper understanding of the wonderful encodements contained in your Birth Chart.

Here’s what my teacher, Meaghan Alton, had to say:

“You are already so skilled, gifted and experienced as a healer, guide and coach. I just love how you have seamlessly integrated the Numbers into your work, to help people see their truth, and access their potential… receiving greater levels of fulfillment, health and wellbeing!! Your clients are SO lucky to have you in their world!!

People – get a Numerology reading from Laurie!!!”