Your True Self –  Self-Discovery and Empowerment Retreat

Feed Your Spirit,  Revitalize Your Body,  Show Your Radiance

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Indulge Your Senses as you Discover Your True Self. 

You know the game “Simon Says”, where you must follow certain instructions, and bypass your own thoughts, based on someone else’s directions?

Ever feel that this game has become entwined and incorporated into your every-day adult life?

Are you second-guessing yourself, or relying on someone else’s direction before making decisions?

Are you feeling disconnected from your own body signals, motivations, and insights?

Do you want an effective and lasting way to tune in to your personal guidance system?

Then this Retreat is designed for you!

Laurie Michelle, TTRP, Vibrational Catalyst, Healer, Author, has developed a 5-step Program she calls the “Simon Series”.  Her extensive experience in Biofield Energy Work, her varied background in Hospice care, plus her intense love of learning and discovery has fueled the creation of this series.

From Recognizing Simon (who is the voice inside your head?); through Redefining Simon (discovering the source of your own wisdom); Becoming your own Simon (planting, feeding and nurturing your inner knowing); Firing Simon (gaining confidence in your inner knowing); to Trusting Your Own Voice (expanding awareness and faith in yourself), this supportive journey guides you to move that long 18 inches from your Head to your Heart.

Walk into your Future with Clarity and Empowerment.

On Purpose.        Learn to Hear, Trust, and follow your Inner Guidance.

Join powerful healers and others on a journey of:

Self Discovery and Empowerment

  • Sink into mindfulness
  • Refine your purpose

Tools, Techniques & Experiences designed for you to step into your brilliant future.

  • Discovery. Through many conversations of wisdom and insight , led by Laurie Michelle, TTRP, Vibrational Catalyst, Healer, Author, Hatha Yoga Instructor;  and with special guests, unique to each retreat.
  • Mindfulness, through Journalling, Meditation, Nature Walks and other  practices;
  • Creativity, through Playful Art and/or Drumming Circle;
  • Breath and Movement, through Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong; 
  • Connection, through fully supported learning experiences, partner work, and free time to be still and assimilate, as well as opportunity to gather, share stories and meaningful conversation.

PLUS, These EXTRAs are provided in the Retreat Cost, at no additional charge….

  • Individual Healing Energy Session, with Laurie Michelle. Book your 1 hour session during one of the evenings, or during your Free Time on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
  • Guidance Session with special guest. Laurie collaborates with Consciousness Life Coaches, Speakers and other amazing people who are passionate about helping others by inspiring leading edge changes in mindset, emotional mastery and physical well-being.
  • Group Insight Session – led by dynamic and powerful speakers.
  • 1-hour Yoga class, led by Laurie Michelle.

Nutritious and wholesome Food and Water

  • Fuel your body, mind, and soul with organic whole foods, making it a tantalizing experience of fun and flavour.

Plus 2 Night’s Accomodation in a pristine Retreat Center. Private or Shared bedroom stays are available.

Indulge Your Senses as you Discover Your True Self. 

Register and pay your deposit with your early commitment (ask about cut-off dates), and you will receive an ADDITIONAL  discount.  It doesn’t get better than that.

Payment packages are available, so simply contact Laurie to commit to your installment plan.  $280 is due upon Registration, and may be non-refundable, depending on how near the event you withdraw.

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