I recorded audio files of meditations, with the intention of attaching them into my website for you to enjoy. I am having technical difficulties with that at the moment, so here is my ‘plan B’ suggestion…

Should you wish for any of the following visualizations – or should you wish for me to prepare one for you personally on a topic of your choosing – simply message me at, and I will email you the file.

I hope you enjoy them. In vibrancy, Zenchick.

  • Tree Meditation (for release)
  • Chakra Check (for awareness)
  • Chakra Calibration (for alignment and flow)
  • Communication Booster (for ease of expression)
  • Pain Relief (for release and rejeuvenation)
  • Heart Expansion (to radiate and integrate peace)
  • Third Eye Fine Tuning (for connection to inner self & beyond)