What Others Say

“I wanted to let you know that I feel amazing today. It was almost like I woke up with a new attitude!! I’ve had more energy today than I’ve had in the last 2 months! You are a miracle sent to me from the universe….. thank you soooo much”.     Michele C.

“Laurie has supported me through my transition to a new city, personal adversity and through my latest health challenge. Her approach is gentle and compassionate with the added bonus of efficacy; this is not a quick spa treatment, but a results driven service.”  Diana R.

“I’d describe my experience like an exhale after a long day, only your entire body exhales. It allowed peace to seep into my otherwise overactive and busy mind. The therapy enabled me to focus on serenity, and that feeling stuck with me for a while after leaving. It was a calming oasis in a desert of stress and anxiety.” Devin G

“I have had energy work done before but, never have I have experienced such significant transformation as when Laurie works her magic.  I have been suffering from my more than usual stiff hips and legs from my rheumatoid, and after a session with Laurie, I walked out feeling pain-free, re-balanced and rejuvenated. Thank you . DR.

“Laurie is a gifted healer. Her Therapeutic Touch sessions are intuitive and transformational. A very powerful experience that I am grateful for. ” Troy P


Laurie is someone to experience, rather than describe. Every moment of her day is directed by her heart, and she makes moving from a place of love seem innate and easy. She is 100% present all of the time, and she exudes a loving energy that, quite simply, changes anyone who crosses her path. I have personally experienced Laurie’s magic and the deep healing she provides through therapeutic touch and using the raindrop technique; each time, I have been changed for the better. Laurie’s love, kindness and talents extend far beyond her therapeutic offerings as she continually opens her heart to others by volunteering her time and energy supporting organizations and events that are in line with her passion for making a difference for others in need and in the world itself. Make no mistake about it, Laurie Bartley is a change maker, and if you are graced with her presence, pay careful attention because her impact on you will be profound and life altering in a very, very positive way.         Diana R


“I had the joy of experiencing one of Laurie Bartley’s treatments. It was wonderful and truly what I needed. I very much support her and Her gift ”   JB


 ‘I had a terrible head cold when I first met Laurie.  I didn’t know what to expect when I went to her, but my mind was blown! … During the treatment, I was covered in goosebumps and I could feel the energy shifting.  The next day I went for another session to help with a block I was having and I felt so light afterward that I was practically bouncing off the walls.     Laurie has a magical and beautiful way of connecting with your energy and shifting and moving it out of it’s blocks.  I would recommend her to anyone, and I will certainly be seeing her again!’ ~ Cindy VA